This was Tyler in August 2010 on rapnerd forum philaflava, before OFWGKTA had a manager. Who doesn’t hate elitists though?

well, hello everyone.

this is tyler.

someone randomly sent this shit to my email a couple days ago, and ive been lurking since. truthfully, i think this shit is weird, that someone fround the hypebeast thing and all that other shit just from my name, seach IP adress and all that…but, fuck it.

this is the only post im going to make.

i guess i can say thanks to you all who spread the word about OFWGKTA, just some kids who’s doing what the fuck they want, and its swagged out we’re getting some form of respect from the elite real hip hop backpakers guys that i really hate ( thats what i get from you guys, simply because this is a deep hip hop site). so uh, keep swagging it out, and thanks. free my little brother earl. Rolling Papers In The Next Week. Mellowhype 2 Soon. and WOLF dropping later this year. WIRE mag should be in US thus week, and FADER is fucking with us. OFWGKTA, fuck 2dopeboys

Link to this post. There’s another where he asks What’s Anticon? which is classic. But mostly he was respectfully thankful. Word.