McDaniels has stories we want to share, so every other Friday on The Record he’ll pick a classic video and take us behind the scenes of the golden era of rap. We kick it off with Big Daddy Kane’s 1988 hit “Ain’t No Half-Steppin’.”

“We shot this video in the Puck Building on Lafayette street. A lot of videos were shot at that particular time in that building. The whole idea was to compare hip-hop to a sport, and in this case it was boxing and it was cards. The whole idea is that it’s a game and Kane is the champion — he’s the Muhammad Ali of hip-hop. You can’t beat him.

When [Kane] first came on the scene he was wearing fatigues and Timberlands. People wanted him to stay that type of guy, but he never wanted to be your typical rapper. Kane didn’t wanna be typical anything. Kane would get fancy suits, button-down shirts and outfits from Dapper Dan, which was the designer of choice at that particular time.”