They played Fallon same night GRNDGD saw them @ Hammerstein. We had front row spots, a performance I will not be soon forgetting. I was impressed. Wish I could give the experience justice in writing, but I’ll leave that for Caramanica, pretty sure he was there too. I hope he mentions the way the guitarist rocked out with what looked like pliers. And how Barrow & Co. faithfully recreated every track with incredible precision. @Cv_ said Gibbon’s hands were cold. My wife said her hands were really soft. I failed to cop a feel. Actually, I almost didn’t make it back to the front after a pee break. P fans ain’t playing. @Ming_Tzu got some stuff to share later, but lets keep that between you and I. Peace to the pat-down dude who spotted my two bags of chips but failed to see the hi-def detachable lens.