This right here is the teaser to the forthcoming doc. Your drums don’t come close.

He did over 500 demos for Motown,
He recorded Miles’ Bitches Brew… without Miles,
And he happens to be the actual guy really playing drums on your favorite Beatles songs !

Bernard « Pretty » Purdie is the name James, Stevie, Aretha, 
and Marvin kept asking for, making him the most recorder drummer ever…

Years later, your favorite rapper would sample him,
and one day, some of you will change their profile pic ’cause he died… 

But you can also pay attention now, when a true living legend is about to share knowledge through a casual conversation with young fans who also happen to be the human beatbox world champions – the members of Under Kontrol -…

“Pretty As I Wanna Be” is the story of an encounter between two generations, a musical bridge between Hip Hop and one of its favorite loops provider, and more importantly, a simple jewels of truth and clarity being passed on.

Peace to Gasface