Are we life documentarians? Is that what we are? Everytime you whip out the digi to catch the awkward dancing dude. Or you smell a fight about to break out, so you get the cam ready, finger over record.

What is that drive, that impulse? That need to capture, retain, archive. That feeling of fulfillment, knowing you will have the option to revisit that life experience later. That later that rarely comes. At least for many of us. Well, at least for me.

Or maybe it’s a just-in-case later? A later when we’re too old and tired to go out so we sit around and reminisce. A later that we prepare for but hope will never come. We take videos, pictures. We seek and keep mp3s. We diary our thoughts. We want to make sure people know we were there. We may even want to make sure we know we were there, our fickle memories leaving an incessant sense of vulnerability, like “Did that really just happen?” “Is this really happening? “I don’t want to ever forget this.”

That general drive towards memorialization, turned multimedia in this age of mp4 and mp3, is more focused for some. PRZM was handy with a camcorder and enthusiastically submitted to the wonder of woman. Why did he do it?

Dj PRZM – Handycam (Philly Phil Recordings, 2007)

Social constraints restraining our instinct to immediately pour out our desire, sometimes we are satisfied, partially, with a once over. A top to bottom assessment. A glance of her skin and your mind regains focus. Or maybe you’re walking behind her, you notice her hair, her neck. “Damn, I just want to see what she looks like, then I’ll be good.”

That her that can seem so distant. That image of her that drives our instinct to conquer and a hope that she will reciprocate. Distant, in time and space, but also distant in a sense of probabilities. We know how unlikely it is that she’ll be open.

Depending on how healthy she is, you might need more. Peeking ain’t enuff. A pic puts your palpitating heart at ease. A vdo gives you a fuller fix. Even if you never see it again. Knowing one day you might need it and it’ll be there.

We wrong for that, yeah we know, sorta.

“Don’t Get Mad”


Dj PRZM – He Changed His Style Up! / video