Amateur news video created by core slice of Odd Future fanbase, students from preparatory schools. In this case they are from the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur. Segment focuses on the cathartic properties of derivative punk and how to interpret the hidden underlying meaning of Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School. Nah, but for real, isn’t it funny how preppy kids and veteran rappers can both relate to Odd Future, but for very different reasons? At least Prodigy recognizes that the only similarity between OF and Wu or Mobb Deep is a hard to describe “energy”. And it seems to me that the “energy” he speaks of can be further narrowed down to being more about the fan reciprocity and the related corporate piggybacking and clearly not substantive or stylistic qualities. Meanwhile on the other side of the 90s where young bucks were raised to more openly embrace their manufactured culture there are kids who actually think similarities exist in the music. Describing OF as the creative children of Wu-Tang and Lady Gaga, how wild is that? Offensive too.

As an aside, I’m up to Chapter Disc 11 of P’s autobio, an incredible time capsule for NY heads of that era. I copped the unabridged audio book version by accident and have no regrets. A lot of his lines possess very specific local connotations and can be more clearly understood in his voice and accent. And if you’re like me you’ve been avoiding the spoilers that have been sprinkled here and there so even though it’s tempting to share some of his stores I’ll bite my tongue, err, fingertips. I’ll just say P is the truth.

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