Just days after the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami and radiation disasters, the Fake Four, Inc. camp received a welcomed message from rapper Kaigen, one of our closest allies from the island nation. He told us he was safe, though having seen the devastation first hand, he urged us to help aid the Japanese people. He suggested we rally our roster of talented artists to create a compilation of original material dedicated to Japan and the thousands lost and displaced in the disaster. Our artists and friends answered the call in the true collaborative spirit of Fake Four, Inc. reaching across genre lines and national borders for the cause. The result is a collection of songs that are thought provoking and earnest, proving that the best way to overcome adversity is by banding together and standing strong, united. Myka9’s personal mantra “It’s all love” sums up what went into this compilation and what it’s about. It’s a humanistic endeavor dedicated to honoring, educating and uplifting.

All profits go to support Relief International’s work to help survivors in Japan.

Vocals by Myka9 and Moka Only
Produced by Factor

The Great Deluge
Vocals by sole, Leif Kolt, Jared Paul, Kaigen and Greencarpetedstairs
Produced by Leif Kolt

No Easy Way to Grow
Vocals by Ceschi & Awol One
Produced by Factor
Additional vocals by Kaigen
Bass by Enver Hampton
Piano by Gregory Pepper

Fukushima Tokyo Electric Russian Roulette
adaptation of Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette by Jim Page
Vocals by sole
Produced by Radical Face