Teaser for Ice-T’s forthcoming film focusing on the craft of Emceeing, The Art Of Rap. If embed is locked, click through and use the password “Rocking”.

  1. Jasper (Reply) on Feb 22, 2011

    This is so sad! All the heroes of days long gone repeat all the same arguments everybody knows since the early 90s. It seems like there are no rappers featured that are under 30. Exept for nostalgia there will probably no reason to watch this doc.

  2. CV (Reply) on Feb 22, 2011

    ” It seems like there are no rappers featured that are under 30″

    and whats wrong with that? god forbid a younger generation learns something from those that came before them

    I cant even name a rapper under 30 with better mic presence than GMC.

  3. DG (Reply) on Feb 27, 2011

    Jasper: Suspend your cynicism. This is a trailer with much more to follow. Ice is someone that embraces all rappers of all ages. The film is about the craft of rap and what it takes to spit rhymes. We can listen from those that have preceded us and learn.

  4. Jasper (Reply) on Mar 1, 2011

    I´m a huge Ice-T fan and I own records of pretty much all the rappers featured in the trailer. I`m not against learning from our elders. However none of the guys in the trailer has put out a good album in the last 5 years. Not one of them is relevant to kids growing up listening to rap today.

    I presume that the purpose of this documentary is to teach the youngins about “the art of rap”. But if no rappers are featured that appeal to that demografic, no (young)one will watch it. So my point is more about the marketing of the doc than anything else. Ice could have included Gucci Mane or Wiz Kalifah (who both seem eager to feature older rappers like Too Short, Snoop, etc.) to draw in the people that could benefit from the words of wisdom from the old masters of the craft.

    But if the target audience is ageing B-Boys, than the doc seems to fail in providing new info. Most of the points made are well known to anyone who is a hardcore hiphop head. I wish I could provide some examples, but the password doesn´t seem to work anymore…

  5. DG (Reply) on Mar 2, 2011

    I know the trailer doesn’t show the young guns but it the film is targeted to all ages and all types of people even those that have no interest in rap. I agree there might be the suggestion that it’s not relevant to today’s new crop of rappers but the trailer is just that, a teaser it includes many others not shown. Its impossible to please everyone but I feel this film may go some of the way to elevate rap and shine light on what it takes. With or without record deals, rappers still live on and still have wisdom to share. Young, old, known and unknown all have their place and a story to tell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfpGKfBXQ7M

  6. Autoload (Reply) on Mar 2, 2011

    Yeah I can’t name a rapper under thirty that is really bringing it either. Also you have to know that Hip Hop is also a way of life….not just some make a beat in five minutes on a Dell and your this over night rapping star and your not saying NOTHING. These guys have LIVED this because they love it and not just as a means to MAKE MONEY like most of our rappers UNDER 30 !! At the same time I think age is what eventually will define a TRUE MC….If your forreal you can be in this game for life and your skills speak for itself. Just look at all the over 30 rappers that still do this and is sharp…and think about the ones that don’t make albums no more….???? Slick Rick said it best, ” Their TIme’s Limited Hard Rocks Too. ” Oh I forgot he is over 30 also !!

  7. Autoload (Reply) on Mar 2, 2011

    Oh and the Rappers under 30 can make their own PG rated version of this FILM !! LOL