Theres a lot of younger rappers who dont study there history especially sadly in my own city. Theres young dudes who never heard of or listened to Kane or G Rap,Lil B is NOT one of them.I have heard him quote lyrics from dope MCs, not hot rappers so that enough merits respect. What some call old heads Lil B calls influences you’d be surprised how humble and respectful he is and the love he has for East Coast pioneers. Lil B is a better at marketing then some people that are paid at lables to market(check his youtube). He generated his own buzz and is generating more buzz by doing and saying whatever the fuck he wants. Hes a smart dude and he respects hip hop more then some of the rappers who got rich off exploiting it. Chasing The Rain is one example of Lil B making a dope song. The cooking dance generated a buzz that probably wouldve been a hit record if he was on a major. The kid knows when where and how to say things and apparently its working because people keep talking about him. People said hes the worst thing to happen and that he killed hip hop so he made a song called “I killed Hip Hop” ALOT of the top rappers sold out way before Lil B had a demo out let him live.
People say hes gay because of something he said well I know of a rapper who said “she look so good I’d suck on her daddy dick” and not only did people not criticize him they song along. PAUSE
Come on it 2010 almost 2011 lets stop bringing each other down its getting real tired!

bonus: the females appreciate a lil b