Volume One, Part 1 of 6. Produced & directed by Jorge “PopMaster Fabel” Pabon. Watch all of volume one over @ Fabel’s official youtube.

This documentary reveals some of the untold history of one of NYC’s major urban dance forms, associated with Hip Hop, known as Rockin’ (later referred to as Up-Rockin’). Part of my inspiration for producing, recording, editing and directing this documentary was based on much controversy regarding the history of this dance form. In some cases certain Brooklyn based dancers have totally rejected any possibility of early Rock dance history from the Bronx and Manhattan. Within the past 15 years they have claimed that the dance started in Brooklyn and tried to insist that their style is the “correct” and “original” form. After many debates and valid points falling on def ears I saw the urgency to pick up my camera and seek out some of the Bronx Rock dance legends. I was determined to have their voices heard and their rightful place in Rock dance history established. The subjects in this documentary will challenge the history of Rock dance as most people know it. They will finally set the record straight regarding the true history of this amazing dance form!