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Whatcha say when you see a pig down? Whatcha say when you take a pig crown?

Mic Legacy – Police State (Awe Yeah)


We at REBEL MUZIK MEDIA are alarmed and threaten by the surge of police wrongfully brutalizing our communities. We feel that its our duty to make our people more aware to this rising epidemic thats targeting BLACK, BROWN,WHITE, RED, AND YELLOW people of African descent locally and internationally. In a nation that is suppose to be the CAPITOL of the FREE WORLD, we find this idea of freedom for us a fleeting illusion. In no way, shape, form, or fashion do we intend to capitalize from the Jone’s family recent lost we send our condolences and love. This is not a isolated event to no particular city, state, or nation, this is a global issue and we seek to let the world know that we are united and we are not tolerated the killing of our people by wreckless murderers in uniform. Police brutality is a serious issue and we feel that those individuals involved must pay their debt to society the same as any other criminal.
We are tax payers not paying for POLICE BRUTALITY, WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY.

peace to Rebel Muzik Media