The Block celebrates the life of Guru, MF Grimm was in the house with new songs and Capital P played a couple of joints produced by the Custodian of Records at the end. Peace to OG Chino and Peter. via EVR

Stream: MF Grimm On The Block Radio 4.23.2010

Intro -E.S.G UFO
Gang Starr The Place Where We Dwell
Guru Transit Ride
Gang Starr The Planet
Gang Starr Feat M.O.P. Friendship & BI
Gang Starr Suckas Need Bodyguards
Gang Starr Meaning Of The Name
Nice & Smooth Down The Line
Gang Starr The Lesson
Gangstarr Jazz Music
Gangstarr Let Your Conscience Be free
Gangstarr Positive
Gangstarr Words I Manifest
House Of Pain Feat. Guru Fed Up
Gangstarr Just To Get A Rep
Gangstarr Skills
Gangstarr Believe That
Gangstarr No More Mr. Nice Guy
MF Grimm I Am King
MF Grimm Return To Eden
EPMD You’re A Customer
Tribe Called Quest Left My Wallet in El Segundo
Public Enemy Yo Bum Rush The Show
Jungle Brothers Straight Out The Jungle
NWA Straight Outta compton
Alcoholics Liquid
ultramegnetic mcs ego trip
whoodini friends
run dmc rock box
Furious 5 Step Off
Public Enemy Welcome To The Terrordome