The video of DITC and friends on Video Music Box that we posted recently was actually originally archived and digitized by JR of Collectors Item. He commented on our post and promised to upload the full show so I look forward to that. But also wanted to shout out his site which has an impressive and growing collection of vintage video and audio from the 90s.

I am a collector of music since the late 80’s, sometimes spending my last dollar and searching until closing time at stores, mainly for hip hop releases but I have broadened my ear for music over the years. My sources from then up til the present day are a mix of:

my Father & Uncle’s music collection
my neighborhood of Uptown Manhattan NY, USA
record stores & conventions
Rap City, Video Music Box
FM radio (89.1, 89.9, 91.5, 99.5, 97.1, 107.5)
the internet

I believe technology will never take the place of traveling and finding music in the real world, it’s an experience that I feel will never be replaced by downloads and internet communication. I only use technology to facilitate my need for information on artists, groups, labels and other important details as a consumer of many new and old music releases. Other than that I try to travel and meet people to purchase as much music as possible.

I will bring an original mix of video, audio and other media that relates to my musical tastes and life, and act as a filter for good music like so many other sources I see online. Hopefully you enjoy most of what’s posted.