Filmed by NBC reporters using night vision. Follows the young thugs through out the night as they chill on the block, scuffle, stab, get arrested and threaten the police. 83rd Precinct didn’t have it easy.

  1. Monsta Island Czar (Reply) on Oct 30, 2009

    Bushwick aint nuttin to play wit.

    Broadway and Myrtle Waddup!

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  3. I Am The Founder Of The Devils Rebels In 1970..
    My And Many Of My Brothers Paid For The Crime We Commited.
    But I Also Have To Say That We Rule From Flushing Ave To Eastern Parkway And From Broadway Up To Underdunk.. We Reign A Big Turf For 8 Wile Awesome Brothers.. We Party Share Women Protected Each Other, Never Rat On Each Other A Brother That Hads Last Up To This Day.. We Dont Care For New Members Because We Are One Of A Kinda Of Breed Of Men..
    I Am Proud To Have Started This Brother Hood And Proud To Still Be Here.. Levon The Taylor Founder Of The Devils Rebels 1970

  4. Rudy (Reply) on Mar 18, 2012

    The Founder of The DR was Cowboy.

    • punisher (Reply) on Feb 6, 2015

      Here’s A Little History On The Rebels. The Devil’s Rebel’s Were Started By Blushy, Apache, Levon, Migulla & Little Boy (R.I.P). Apache Was The Supreme Pres., Levon The Taylor The Godfather & Blushy The Founder.

    • Hatchet (Reply) on Jun 29, 2016

      Cowboy didnt start the Rebels. Punisher, you have it correct. Ruby, your wrong