Damn, 6 hours. That’s like 3 days worth of commuting time for me.

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On this colossal six hour triumph we have:

Pharoahe Monch is in high spirits as we discuss his new album, the government’s war upon us all, free masons, Illuminati and his recent reunion with Prince Po to regroup Organized Konfusion. A huge interview with one of hip hop’s most enquiring minds.

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden is with us to address all of his recent issues and problems including signing to Eminem’s Shady Records, the lack of importance of the Wu Tang Clan, his 6 page Wu diss record that he will never release, his break up and so much more in a truly emotional riverboat journey through the life of hip hop’s most colorful man.

Kool Keith is as personal as you will ever hear for an enlightening 30 minute tap dance through his opinions on the industry, Kayne West, secret societies, Russians, shoes and of course his new record Bikinis and Thongs. Fans will love this.

Brother Ali takes time off stage whilst on tour to deliver a typically meaningful and heart-felt interview regarding the concept of ‘Us’. We push Ali to not only talk about unity and the personnel that makes ‘Us’ but also the more risky topic of ‘Them’. You will appreciate his album more after hearing this.

Mark Curry, ex-Bad Boy artist and author of the book ‘Dancing With The Devil’ comes onto the show and gives us all a chilling account of life with P Diddy, explaining fully why he considers him to be an evil and a puppet for much darker forces. “That Lucifer isn’t such a nice guy” he muses, as we tackle free masons in hip hop and their hold over our culture. Listen to this for your own safety.

No Limit Records mogul Fiend, slinks into the studio to reveal all about life at No Limit, including studio sessions and facts never discussed until now.

Chase Infinite pounces out on us to talk Soul Assassins, DJ Khalil, government intervention in hip hop and much more in a very lively and exciting interview piece.


Joe Conzo, the legendary hip hop photographer, shares his vast experience with us as we reminisce but ultimately pick out the problems within our culture and discuss how we can change. Together, Conspiracy Radio and YOU will change all of this.