Not difficult to understand redtans offending melanin superiors w/ blackface, retrospectively or not.

But do redtans (+ some melanin wealthy) participate in minstrelsy in every iteration?


Could it be that a technically advanced + somewhat (open to interpretation) mocking portrayal of black culture is a kind of complex media mask?

DanceFloorDale did not conjure feelings of inauthenticity.


Can’t say the same for Pon De Floor. Googled “Pon De Floor” + “Race” and the only relevant commentary fed to me was from an unidentified hipster:

It seems like they are ‘making fun’ of black people culture, or something. Like the dancers are supposed to mean that black people are ‘only interested in sex’ or something like that. Or maybe black people are ‘too dumb’ to be educated, so all they can do is ‘dance in a sexually suggestive format.’ I am not sure if Major Lazer is ‘intentionally trying 2 be racist’ as a complex marketing gimmick. I remember in their previous music video, they exploited the negro stereotype of a ‘goon.’


Should people be offended? I’m kind of, and I’m not black. Although I don’t tan red neither.

It is kind of like putting on a mask.

But it could also just be an intense reverence of the music and appreciation of culture. Right?

Almost forgot: “NO SHOTS”