I had forgotten all about the Street Rock. Link

Blow one-ups them all by later recollecting his 1985 collaboration with Bob Dylan, who’d stopped by the studio during the recording of “Basketball” to borrow a few backup singers for his own track. To return the favor, he agreed to contribute an intro to Blow’s song “Street Rock,” which required the rapper and his 300-pound bodyguard to journey to Dylan’s Malibu home. (Dylan’s Great Dane, Snoopy, apparently scared the bejesus out of the bodyguard, but Bob’s rapped bit required only one take.)

Though Blow’s sing-song style was passé by the mid-’80s, he relishes reminiscing about his past—even his crack, cocaine, and angel dust habits, plus the eight-year separation from the mother of his three children. (They recently got back together.) “The more money I got, the more women, the more sex I got, I just got greedier,” he says. “The only time I really got happy in my life was when I picked up the Bible and read Revelations.”