Ripped Open By Metal Explosions comes through again with a rare compilation cd from UK based Big Daddy Magazine (which I believe is no longer around). Word up.

Big Daddy Magazine – Off The Ropes Compilation Volume 1

The “Off The Ropes” compilation CD that came with an issue of the late, great Big Daddy Magazine outta the UK was my intro to the P Brothers. That right there is reason enough to check it out. Speaking of P Brothers and intros, their (exclusive to this release) intro to the CD makes Fat Joe’s “Yeah” the warrior call for all swamp dwelling Mantronix drum machines to be hurled through Marshall stacks the world over (check the Roc Marci drop). You would think it would be hard to follow such a bombastic intro (like the Bomb Squad hooking up the intro to a D’Angelo LP), but the crate savvy minds at Big Daddy hand picked some of the tastiest treats they were covering in the accompanying magazine and seasoned them with a liberal dose of UK tunes that were unheard by any of us in the states. The Paul Nice produced Biz Markie track has got to be Biz’s best track of the 2K’s. Rodney P’s “Murderer Style” is like Robitussin drenched dancehall on dust. Shit is evil. Plus you get a bunch of tracks off limited 45’s that have come and gone. Big Daddy eventually became Grand Slam which also included some dope CD comps, but died after a short run. Former editor George Mahood now runs the online shop Concourse Records.