Head on over to unkut for the full interview. This NYTimes article has some background on his case as does KET’s site.

How does something like Marc Ecko’s Complex magazine fall into that ‘vanity project’ category? Because I know that you were involved with that.

That absolutely falls into that category. Marc Ecko has a lot of money and he can afford to launch a magazine. He wanted to do something that talked to his customers that was about fashion. He’s a fashion guy and he wanted to support the fashion business. That magazine is total vanity – it’s totally supporting the kind of fashion culture that he’s involved with. That’s exactly what that is. He could’ve started a hip-hop magazine too, right? But he didn’t. He could’ve saved ego trip or On The Go, maybe, or Stress, but instead Complex was born because it suited more to his business interests. And that’s normally how magazines are born.