Very appreciative of Rob Walker’s dissection of The Rush Card for his NYTimes column, Consumed. Ever since I heard about this I thought it was pretty despicable. To want to take advantage of so many people in such an organized fashion, and to be so dishonest about it. Upsets my stomach. I guess there is always the chance they are self-delusional, but that’s no excuse.

There are two versions of the RushCard, one with a sleek black design and the other pink and bearing the logo of Baby Phat, the trendy women’s clothing line. But Palaniappan quickly brushes past the brand appeal of the RushCard: “We’re really focused on helping people,” he emphasizes. “When our customer deals with us, it’s someone who understands their situation.” Not just compared with check-cashing places, he asserts, but compared with traditional banks, which can levy tough overdraft charges on minimal savers who slip up and dip below minimum required balances when filling up the gas tank. And he points to the recently added “RushPath to Credit” feature, which reports debit transactions to a credit-reporting agency, on the theory that this will help the user assemble a positive profile.

Still, the RushCard is an entrepreneurial venture, not a philanthropic one. And one critique of prepaid cards — Wal-Mart offers one, as do others — is that this “empowerment” comes at a price: the RushCard costs $19.95 to obtain, and $1 per transaction to use (that fee is capped at $10 a month). Using one to draw money from an A.T.M. costs $1.95 plus whatever the A.T.M.’s owner tacks on. While direct deposits are free, there are fees to add money in the form of cash (at services like MoneyGram or CheckFreePay) or paper checks. If this sounds like a lot to pay for the privilege of spending your own money, well, that’s a pretty routine scenario for the unbanked. Prepaid cards can work out better than other options, like those high-fee check-cashing stores, though as with any currency instrument, the details depend on the situation — and the behavior — of the consumer.

After all, an actual credit card might represent interest-free loans deployed by a savvy consumer, or it might represent ruinous debt. It seems odd that flashing a piece of plastic that might be the engine of negative net worth could represent social status worth emulating, but surely that’s the case: the currency that the RushCard and its competitors help users manage is, at least in part, the social kind.

  1. Sam (Reply) on Oct 16, 2011


    If you want to access your money in your bank account why don’t you get a REAL debit card that will let you do the EXACT same thing without all those fees

    are you retarded?

    Seriously though if you have this, you deserve to be hit by a fucking truck for your stupidity.

    You can even get a prepaid credit card for cheaper than that and the only time I’ve gotten one of those was for a present. Even then just get fucking cash how stupid has society gotten that you are willing to pay money to bankers to access YOUR OWN MONEY. Have you people lost your braincells stop doing drugs and be smart with your money, how are you going to give these rich bastards your money for no fucking reason and you say things like “Russel and Kimmora are gods” THEY GOT RICH OFF YOU FUCKERS, they are not gods they just have money. ITS DISGUSTING that in our society we praise people FOR ROBBING US FUCKING BLIND. If you don’t think its robbery than ask yourself why you have to pay money to spend YOUR money.

  2. Jan (Reply) on Oct 24, 2011

    You are an idiot. And a foul mouth one at that. Most of us who have bank accounts have credit cards and debit cards. Asshole. But when shopping online, which I do every day and I love it – I use a prepaid debit card. Why? Because it’s my choice and my money and I put what I want to spend on it for the month and if that $400.00-$500.00 gets taken then that’s all that’s taken. Not my entire savings, or a lot more on My Master Card, Visa or American Express. Most of the time I remove monies using an ATM, I have to pay a $1.00 fee. And to do purchases Rush Card charges a $1.00 convenience Fee. I don’t sweat it because I could lose a lot more using my other cards which I’m not an Idiot (like you and you don’t have much to worry about) I’m sure you don’t have it like that because of your dumb, filthy comments. Jerk off. Go and make some real case and then you will see how much something like the Rush Card is a benefit to those who have a lot of Cash and don’t want it tampered with or stolen. Yes, Idiot. Let someone who uses the card and have a good reason for using it tell you and the other haters out there, the real deal.

    • kyle (Reply) on Aug 22, 2012

      Tellem fuck you

    • Steve (Reply) on Nov 29, 2012

      Why not just have a separate Checkings and not link your Savings account to it. That way if you lose your debit card you can only lose what’s in Checkings? Also your debit card will be backed by Visa and as long as your report fraudulent charges quickly you won’t be responsible for them. Derp.

  3. Jan (Reply) on Oct 24, 2011

    You are an idiot. And a foul mouth one at that. Most of us who have bank accounts have credit cards and debit cards. Asshole. But when shopping online, which I do every day and I love it – I use a prepaid debit card. Why? Because it’s my choice and my money and I put what I want to spend on it for the month and if that $400.00-$500.00 gets taken then that’s all that’s taken. Not my entire savings, or a lot more on My Master Card, Visa or American Express. Most of the time I remove monies using an ATM, I have to pay a $1.00 fee. And to do purchases Rush Card charges a $1.00 convenience Fee. I don’t sweat it because I could lose a lot more using my other cards which I’m not an Idiot (like you and you don’t have much to worry about) I’m sure you don’t have it like that because of your dumb, filthy comments. Jerk off. Go and make some real cash and then you will see how much something like the Rush Card is a benefit to those who have a lot of Cash and don’t want it tampered with or stolen. Yes, Idiot. Let someone who uses the card and have a good reason for using it tell you and the other haters out there, the real deal.

    • beans (Reply) on Jul 12, 2012

      Every body does’nt have alot of cash no hating, just truth

  4. pmnews (Reply) on Oct 26, 2011

    yea sam you retard go fuck your self, you prolly got 5 food stamps in a piggy bank

  5. Jeff (Reply) on Oct 27, 2011

    Jan you are dumb as a rock.
    You keep all your money in a savings account and transfer money into checking/debit account as needed. No fees.

  6. confused (Reply) on Oct 31, 2011

    Im 18. I hav not yet started ne credit. I jus opened a checking account with a bank n I got my debi card n decide to order a rushcard to keep my gas money seperate frm my spending money. If I hav cash on hand I like to spend. Anyway. Is ths a bad idea?? Idk what any of you people above are tlking about. Explain to me retard ass bitch way please.

    • Pay Meuponrequest (Reply) on Jul 15, 2012

      Bad idea. It’s good to keep a prepaid card if you make online purchases for security reasons. If you become a victim of a scam you can ditch the prepaid card and they won’t have access to ALL of your money. The rushcard is rape, especially against providers like netspend who only charges like two or three dollars to load with no monthly fee or maybe about three to five dollars only if you have money on it. Don’t ever trust just one institution with all of your money because they aren’t as trustworthy as you think

  7. Mercy (Reply) on Dec 11, 2011

    The Rush Card is a MAJOR RIP OFF!! EVERY single time you use this card you are charged a $1 fee. You make a $1 purechase, you are charged a $1 fee. Sad, Sad, Sad, that this man would take advantage of people like this! :-(

  8. Just Wow (Reply) on Dec 14, 2011

    So many stupid responses using the “N” word that not only reflects your stupidity but also dilutes any credibility of your comments if you even posted any.

    RushCard or any debit card or any bank card will charge fees. They are administrative and also meant to make the institution profit for offering this convenience. While bank debit cards are free, if you overdraft, banks/credit unions will charge you a fee for your mistake, whether intentional or not.

    My biggest issue with this card is this. Russell Simmons.

    Russell Simmons is at the Occupy Wall Street movement pushing the movement against “capitalistic banks” that got the country in the position its in now and RS states that this card is for the Common Man. He rails against banks because their fees yet Rush Card…HIS card…has the same fees if not more. So, instead of your money going to bank institutions where your card is drawn….your money, if you use Rush Card…is going the the First Bank of Russell Simmons and trust…he is BANKING.

    So don’t let your money go to The Man. Use Rush Card because now Russell Simmons is…The Man.

    So disingenuous. So fake. So blatantly wrong is Russell Simmons.

  9. Jay (Reply) on Dec 21, 2011

    Cards like these (there are several) are really meant for people who cannot get a bank account, such as those who do not have a birth certificate or social security number. Most people who fall into this category are people who came here from another country and reside in the U.S. These cards also serve as a way for these people to get Tax Returns. Yes, many of these people do pay their taxes, and again, since they do not have a bank account to deposit their refund check from the IRS into, these types of Debit Cards allow them to still access their money. Of course this comes at a fee, but that’s business.

    For those of you who are just starting a banking account, or looking for options, instead of going to a large bank like BoA, or Wells Fargo, go to a local Credit Union. They usually offer free checking and savings accounts, with no fees (except the standard overdraft fees). For the younger people who are still students, many of them offer credit cards with a low credit limit to get your credit established.

    And to those of you who think the Rush Card is wrong because they are “stealing” money from people, I refer you to the old poker quote of “It’s a sin to let a fool keep his money.” It’s not taking advantage of people. It’s called business. Companies do it to you all the time. Survival of the fittest. If you’re too dumb to realize you’re being robbed or that it’s a bad deal, then you don’t deserve to keep your money. Be smart, do your research, and make wise choices and you won’t have to worry about it.

  10. Randy (Reply) on Dec 25, 2011

    Well to the ass with the potty mouth FU! I use debit cards all the time! The best on the planet is Paypal! I do internet marketing and try that at a local bank. Greendot is another good one but they changed their auto pay, It is free if you do so many transactions or deposit $1000.00 a month. You can even use direct deposit! Great!!
    I did try the Rushcard and sorry but compared to Paypal, Greendot and even Achievecard no comparison.
    Rushcard is not a good one and below the bottom of the list! My hat is off to Paypal, no hidden fees put in what you want pay what you want and only an ATM charge of $1.00 and if you look you can get it done for nothing! Hey you can even call and talk to a REAL person that you can understand!!!
    GO Paypal!

  11. Nnaul (Reply) on Jan 1, 2012

    I like what Jay has to say and also Randy. The idea behind the Rush Card is for those that for one reason or another can not get a Debit or Credit Card. The “no credit check” and “no checking account required” is great marketing. April 15 is just around the corner and the difference of having a card that your tax refund can be deposited to usually 8 to 15 days or a check in the mail can be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks is THE number 2 reason. Number one being that your preparer fees can come out of your refund so no money upfront or out of pocket. If you happen to go to one of the national tax firms to have your return done, they rob you and rob you and then rob you some more. In my opinion it is far better to have a card you can get your refund deposited to than get sucked into the one they will provide. Talk about fees. If Rush Card is one of the choices it seems to be no worse fee wise than others. Paypal, I use too but I needed a checking account. Tax refunds, to the best of my knowledge can not be routed to Paypal. (Correct me if I am wrong.) Yes, I prepare taxes as you probably have guessed but I try to look out for my clients and saving them money in every way I can think of. It’s why I started reading comments to see what you might think about this particular Debit card.

  12. Nikki (Reply) on Jan 10, 2012

    I like Greendot. Been using them for years. Yes they have a monthly fee, and a reloading fee, but you can control that. I use it for phone and internet purchases. So when I need to use it, I already know that I need to have $4.95 to reload the card (add $) and the monthly fee, that comes every month that you have the card. Once I didnt use the card for 2 months and when I did put money on it, it deducted those two monthly fees. Forgot all about it until I went to pay a bill using the card and they told me I didnt have enought. My bad. But other than that, I like it. Had a Rush Card when it first came out, and I never used it. Didn’t like all the fees associated with using the card. Greendot is way better. I’d deal with the monthly fee and the reload fee any day. Plus Money gram for Rush Card is harder to find. You can buy a reload card from almost any store, and Rite Aid always has reload cards for greendot. Plus you can reload from the internet too using your own debit card. Its not bad at all. I’m not using Rush Card. Too much to pay to use your own money.

  13. phil mikrkyn (Reply) on Jan 20, 2012

    just another shitskinn tryin to get as much for free as he can
    dont wanna have al sharpton visit u do you

    • J (Reply) on Dec 30, 2012

      Says the semen skin…..

  14. RICHARD BRIGHT (Reply) on Jan 31, 2012

    rush card is a scam ! !

  15. RICHARD (Reply) on Jan 31, 2012

    warning!!!!!!!!!! for all those who have rush card,please do yourselves a favor.remove your monies before you are locked from your account.
    please do your research on rush card complaints and issues that do not get resolved and how there is no corporate one who speaks English and all the hang will get no where with rush card and will lose control of all your money.
    i screwed up.
    i am one of the dumb ones who trusted rush card and now they hold over 6,600+ that they wont give back.only gave me partial.a total of 1080 dollars.

  16. Jmr (Reply) on Feb 2, 2012

    I have good credit, a bank account with a no fee debit card and numerous credit cards. Yet I have a number of these pre. Paid cards. They are GREAT for people that travel overseas (which I do monthly). When you need cash in a foreign country, you almost always lose. If you exchange cash you lose up to 15%, credit cards give a good exchange but charge a fortune to take cash from an ATM. The bank ATM is the best way but all banks put a daily limit on how much cash you can take. By filling a few debit cards you can get cash from an ATM at the sesame exchange that visa/MC charge (around 2%) and your not limited by your bank ATMs daily limit. Even people that travel once a year can make there investment back by using debit cards instead of travelers checks (which are just like cash and you lose that 15% when you exchange them. AND FINALLY, SAM. IM SURPRISED AN UNEDUCATED PC OF TRASH LIKE YOU READS THIS KIND OF THING. WAS IT THE ONLY THING LEFT IN THE DENTISTS OFFICE? You really are a low class pc of crap

  17. Robin (Reply) on Feb 3, 2012

    I have been reading your comments (and complaints) about the rush card and I find them very helpful. I am currently looking for a way to send money to my daughter who is moving and needs money for shipping her boxes from where she is now to where I am. She will be using a UPS account set up by my ex and I would like her to have a type of card that I can reload from here (I hope this makes sense). Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do this without spending an arm and an leg on fees?

  18. i have used the rushcard because i could not get a debit or credit card but now having used the card i would rather not have used it at all they have so many hidden fees and the customer service is the worst also they lied about geting the tax refund faster i believe rushcard is taking customers tax refund money they are a scam and you do not recieve your refund within 1o days and when you call the customer service number it hangs up on you and tells you to call back later there is no help there i feel a lawsuit is the answer to get them in line

  19. Lekeya (Reply) on Feb 6, 2012

    I am very upset with Rush Card. My tax return been sent to my rush card, but rush card is holding my funds, making me send in my drivers license, social security card, and a copy of my 1040. Why should I have to send important information to a debit card company? If I would have known this, the small words dont even say it would be this much trouble getting my money. ” Fast and Easy” yeah right… I have successfully sent this stuff in to them over and over but they keep saying they have not received it. I have confirmation code from the emails and faxes but that still dont help. It is like that commercial “This is Peggy” passing the phone to the same person. I can not believe the big time Russell Simmons is running a scam like this. I wish I would have research before I just got my tax return deposit on this card. Fasle Advertisement, Invasion of Privacy. Any lawyer out there that want to pursue a case against Rush Card, I am on board!

  20. blendz (Reply) on Feb 6, 2012

    ^^shoulda went with turbo tax lol

  21. Dale (Reply) on Feb 7, 2012

    Man the same thing just happened to me. They are big liars. They said they returned my tax refund bt after reading what you guys wrote abot your refunds, i think i bette investigate this a little more further. I am going to contact the irs myslef as soon as they open in thr morning.If they lied, they best believe i have the best lawyer in town!!!

  22. Panther (Reply) on Feb 7, 2012

    File a complaint with had the same problem with them posting a deposit. Read about a lot of others going through the same thing and with no explanation. I actually got a explanation and my deposit today…on my way to withdraw then cut op my card. Wish me luck!

  23. keah (Reply) on Feb 8, 2012

    How long did it actually take for bbb to answer your complaint. I filed a complaint also so wish me luck. I cant wait until this is over.

  24. keah (Reply) on Feb 8, 2012

    How long did it take for them to answer your complaint. I filed a ciomplaint also and i just cant wait until this is over. I will never let them get a hold to my tax refund again!!!

  25. stephanie (Reply) on Feb 9, 2012

    I have had no problems with this card. Of course, there are fees. Why wouldnt there be. The only thing stupid is expecting that you will get something for nothing. I also got my income tax on time. And as far as prepaid this one has been fine. Another good one is netspend.

  26. msmudhbug (Reply) on Feb 29, 2012

    I have the rushcard and also other credit cards and I use my rush card for personal reasons and have never had a problem with them .I also had my tax deposited to it and no problem it wad on there the day after the IRS released my funds. I Love the rushcard for many reasons.

  27. Mini (Reply) on Mar 2, 2012

    While I do not have a rush card, I do have an ace elite card. I also bank at JP Morgan and my employee credit union. I prefer to use my prepaid card for the majority of transactions. The fee for me is a flat $10 and no extras at all. My direct deposit gets to my card 3 days earlier than my credit union.

    I personally like my card. There have been times in the past where money was tight or an unexpected charge came up and my bank or credit card went crazy with the overdraft fees. I NEVER have to deal with overdraft fees on this card.

    And who ever wrote that these cards are for people who have no SS, that is just plain stupid. And racist.

  28. READbeforeyouPLEAD (Reply) on Mar 8, 2012

    Why are there so many DEBITARDS out here, huh?
    If rushcard was a scam, then they should’ve been shut down a LOOONGGG time ago, DEBITARDS!!

    They don’t have any hidden fees! It’s just that some DEBITARDS go and rush into things while expecting to be babied with free THIS and free THAT’s. I got my rc together with a welcome packet EXPLAINING all the fees. They don’t charge you to GET the card, only when you LOAD money into it. And it is clearly stated in the card holder agreement that IF YOU LOAD YOUR DEBITARD MONEY, THEN YOU AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS!!

    All your whining and complaining could’ve been solved if you DEBITARDS took a couple of minutes off your illiterate lives to read the DAMNED AGREEMENT!!

    Dang, what a bunch of crybaby DEBITARDS!

  29. D-NIED (Reply) on Mar 9, 2012

    this is a card made by a lazy nigger to fool all the dumb niggers to put what lil bit of money they have & make his rich ass even richer…..the card is a scam when they ask for your full social sec.number they should only ask for your last 4…….good luck with understanding the sand niggers that run the phone lines also

    • Ms Lady (Reply) on Jun 12, 2012

      You shouldn’t even be allowed to be on any websites using the “N” word with such language. It pisses me off to see broke people like you who talk trash about others for no reason. Russell Simmons has more money than your ignorant a** will ever see in your pathetic racist life. Get a real job and stop being a bigot low life racist and maybe you’ll be able to be successful like Russell Simmons. You need to be reported for your racist comments.

    • jbo (Reply) on Feb 27, 2014

      you are a ignorant piece of shit. hope u get curb stomped you troll ass bitch.

  30. Merlinda (Reply) on Mar 25, 2012

    I had them to close my account after it was opened and I have sent my DL,SSC ,and A Bill ! And they keep claiming they didn’t get it ! But it was the Intuit and Go Payment card ! But ALL BANCORP CARDS NOT TO BE TRUSTED ! THEY own Rush Card , Go Payment,Turbo Tax, Intuit ! Be Careful ! I’m still fighting to get my money!

    • Wally Hudalla (Reply) on May 27, 2012

      nope should be “Had them close”
      not “Had them to close”

      head back to school

  31. Phillip (Reply) on Apr 19, 2012

    I was just watching Judge Hatchett and the commercials kept coming on and my stomach just did that BS radar thing. So I had to look up on google what was being said. I am not really surprised by all the complaints, it just sucks that so many people fell for this guys bull. It really needs to be looked into and he should be made to publicly respond to so many of these people complaints. He is so rich it’s just weird he would have to do something sketchy like this. People need to look into these things before they hand over what little money they have.

  32. sabine kleis (Reply) on Apr 20, 2012

    i did not get my paycheck it was deposited on friday last week i am single just adopted my grandson who is six months and comes this afternoon i dont have anything for the baby yet and they say it schould only take 3 to 5 days longer my god can anybod help and get a hold of that simmons guy i dont know what to do ,i am working hard for my money and now i cant get it what is wrong with the world i am trying to help my grandson and now what please help me get my paycheck
    sabine kleis

  33. ANGELL (Reply) on May 8, 2012


    • Kavin J Davis (Reply) on Aug 30, 2012

      Thank you so much for the info i having same problems with them

  34. betty speller (Reply) on May 16, 2012

    My name is betty speller,I am so fu… mad right now.please to anyone reading this right now do not , I repeat do not ever get a rush card. I put 500 dollars on my card they froze my card and stole my money. What they said did not make any dam sense. I neede that money for my heart meds. Now my heart is. In bad shape. I’m looking for a good lawyer to sue them for 25.000 for all he damages they did to my heart. I hate rushcard. They will pay..

  35. Wally Hudalla (Reply) on May 27, 2012

    Oh you miserable dummy.
    RushCard is not a scam .
    Its a place where true jugheads can put their money because they are too stupid to handle a real man’s checking account.

  36. lilkee (Reply) on May 31, 2012

    The caes charges for transactions but once a month i get a credit from rush so u get ur money bac

  37. lilkee (Reply) on May 31, 2012


  38. deaf jennifer (Reply) on Jun 17, 2012

    Rushcard sucks ass big time. And i love netspend. Ive had it since 2006 it so wonderful for me.

  39. denise (Reply) on Jul 23, 2012

    fuck russell simmons the theiven ass

  40. Kristi Moninger (Reply) on Aug 12, 2012

    I haven’t had these problems with my rush card. I use it all the time. I just use it as credit not debit and its free. It clearly tells you on the application and terms of aggreement if you don’t use your pin, you don’t get charged. I have had it for months and now deposit my check on it and the only thing that has been deducted is the 5.95 monthly fee. I have also had a greendot and I liked it ok too. It did not charge for the debits or using your pin like rush so if you like to withdraw cash a lot, go with green dot. I don’t ever do this so rush works fine for me.

  41. serious response (Reply) on Oct 4, 2012

    Prepaid cards have their uses and purpose with all of the scams and fraud on the internet.
    I agree this is a better way to keep people from accessing your entire bank account. If it has ever happened to you, then you would not be so quick to dismiss it. As far as the Rush Card, I didn’t expect any more from it than I did the other cards, it’s a monopoly and if you want to play you have to join the club. That means charging the same fees as everyone else and I guarantee you RSimmons is not getting all the money. Western Union, Visa and a host of others are getting their share, just like they do with all checkcards. None of them are cheap or free. It’s also a good way to learn to manage your money without getting blackballed from banks for racking up overdrafts you can’t pay for. If you are just starting to bank, just shop around, read the fees and service charges and do some comparison shopping.

    As far using a prepay card instead of going to the bank, there are places in this country were you can’t just walk into a bank and get a checking account. You have to jump through a lot of hoops and a lot of drop cash. Some banks use the excuse your a new customer, so you have to maintain a certain balance. They also have strict limits on your overdrafts. They may not tell you this, until you hit the limit and they close your account. The initial deposit to open a checking account could range from $25 to $100 or more. There is usually a monthly fee if you do not maintain your balance which could be as high as $100 per month. That is a lot if you’re only making minimum wage or close to it and/or have a family to support. Walmart is a good alternative if you have a walmart close by. If you don’t, and don’t have a car and in a small town, you may not have a lot of choices. For now cash still works, but not on the internet.

    It varies from State to State and Bank to Bank. It’s not always easy. So before you judge try to think, others circumstances may not be like your own or even like people you know.

    Some of you have very foul mouths for such a small subject. That indicates small thinking. If you can’t express yourself without being nasty, swearing, cursing and calling people names maybe you should stay out of the public forum until you grow up. It’s embarrasing that you portray yourself to be this upset over a something like this. You want to be upset about something, there are plenty of really serious things out here to get pissed off and swear about. You want to swear at someone, just go to any forum on current events and you’ll find plenty to curse about. Things that could possibly effect your life and make it difficult. This is not one of them.

  42. miss king (Reply) on Nov 20, 2012

    show of hands: who else noticed his card is backed by JP Morgan?

  43. brette (Reply) on Nov 29, 2012

    I ordered my rushcard six days ago and it should be here soon. I hope it works out

  44. nigger card (Reply) on Apr 9, 2013

    This card is for niggers.

  45. Dee (Reply) on May 6, 2013

    I think that the Rushcard is wonderful, yes it cost per month to have it but itd worth it! It only.charges a fee if you do pin transactions and you dnt have to worry abt overdraft fees. Also.depending on what card you have they let you do at least 2 atm withdrawls, however you are requirer to pay the fee from the atm’s bank. Anyway Ive had my card since like 2008-2009 and have yet to haveany issuea with them witholding my monry, extta fees, oranything else. With this card you cant spend what you dnt have, most of the ppl I knoe with bank accts tend to do just that…

  46. Terry (Reply) on May 20, 2013

    I have had a rush card many times in the past. I recently moved and did not receive my replacement rush card that I had ordered. I called customer service and tried to have them re issue the card to my new address. The customer rep who did the original transaction must have gotten my date of birth wrong because now they are telling me that my date of birth is not my date of birth. I have called back several times to resolve this issue with no positive results.
    They told me to fax or email certain documents which I did. That still wasn’t enough for them. I finally told thjem thjat I am going to get acard through another company. I did some research and found a lot of other companies with more competitive rates. They must think everyone is illiterate.

  47. Joy (Reply) on Oct 26, 2013

    I see a lot of vulgar responses on here and complaints about fees. Most debit cards have fees – that’s how they stay in business!

    I have a separate bank account for household bills; however, I do have a Rushcard for royalty payments from freelance work. I have the Pay As You Go option which means no monthly fee. I got the basic card design which was only $3.95 at the time, but got it free because I had a promotional code. The only fees I encountered are the $1 per transaction (which I will agree is a joke) and the ATM surcharges. However, if you go to a MoneyPass ATM, you won’t be charged anything if you use a Rushcard.

    I never had problems getting my money on time (sometimes it was there early!) the three years I had my card. When unauthorized charges appeared on my account, the problem was resolved promptly and my money returned in less than a week!

    It’s good in emergencies or for “fun” money, but the safest bet for household expenses is keeping an actual bank account. JMHO.

  48. kenneth (Reply) on Oct 27, 2013

    what bothers me is they say we will post deposits when we receive them..which is a bold face lie, because netspend and others get their deposits 1 day before us(apparently they are the ones who are telling the truth about posting when receive deposits) we have to wait an extra day to receive our deposits. So they are not telling us the truth they are holding our deposits a day extra. so post our deposits when you receive them not making us wait or has the govt decided that only rushcard has to wait an extra day so I guess the govt likes all the others and punishing rushcard by giving them the deposits a day later. which is bullshit give us our deposits like you say you will do post the damn deposits when you get them

  49. Wake up (Reply) on Feb 24, 2014

    All of this conversation and not one of you see’s the real story here. The illuminati is using Russell Simmons image in order to gain further control over the finances of black people. It’s known that a good portion of black people do not trust banks and therefore do not use banks, so by utilizing an entity that the black community would trust (Russell Simmons), the illuminati is able to coerce black people into placing their money on these cards. Then it’s just a matter of collecting fee’s, strengthening the illuminatis finances and funding their top secret experiment of mecha-50 cent, attempting to transform rapper 50 cent into a half man, half machine, or android. This android, or mecha-50 cent, will have indescribable levels of power and technology, and will be capable of winning any war single handed. You fools know nothing of what goes on behind the curtains, it’s pitiful..

  50. J-BONE (Reply) on Feb 28, 2014

    Hay some of us out there don’t have a bank account. Because when I was 18 dumb and young I was writing checks. left and right and got every credit card I could get than I was trying to pay my bills with each one Than I got shoot five times I didn’t have insurance I had to file bankruptcy when I was 23. I owe the bank 8000,00$ I cant get an a account tell I pay my bank account off so fo that one mutha fucka eat a dick bitch because I no mutha fuckaz like you probably raised with your mom and dad you were a suburb sucka never had to live off of TOP ROMAN & koolaid for a fuckin month never had your lights turned off, never had your heat turned off never had to keep your oven door open all day and night just to try to make it a little warmer p.s my fuckin card was free dumb ass and they don’t take money out monthly. How the fuck would you no if you have never had one depends on what card you get bitch punk fagot. Sorry for all the bad words but I think he deserved them ime very sory