Here’s a candid interview with LL about his days as a youngster running around Queens and NYC. I thought it appropriate to throw up a picture of Fantasy 3, taken from an interview with Silver Fox himself. Peace to Robbie and Troy L. Smith.

There was also a great story about how a lot of jealous guys used to try and test you after you put a record out, and then a few years later some guy at the front of the Latin Quarter was talking crap to you and you handed your jewels to E-Love and served this guy in front of the whole line. Do you remember that?

I actually remember that happening on The Coliseum on Jamaica Avenue. I had my share of fights. But before I go any further, let me just say something – I’m very impressed by these questions, man. Because I can’t even believe you know all of this history like this. Like ‘cos this isn’t normal ‘LL history’ – this isn’t Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin – this is before that! I just wanna let you know that for you to bring up Drew, The Extravagant 3 and Mikey D – and Silver Fox – is incredible. I just wanna let you know that. Yeah, I had a lot of fights early on because I was havin’ appeal, and I think goin’ to school with your record under your arm might be a bit antagonizing [laughs], but when you’re sixteen you don’t know that. You’re just proud of what you’ve accomplished but the guys getting’ a little jealous or whatever. But that’s the neighbourhood I was raised in, so it was just part of it. I wasn’t like having shoot-outs everyday. It was pretty basic, no real tough guy stuff, but I definitely had to handle that thing there.