natural elements @ the 10 yr halftime show anniversary 2008

Chris and I have been wondering why no other sites have been putting up this new 2Face (aka L-Swift & A-Butta of Natural Elements) track which is hard as hell (we see you mp3 blast list). We’re still perplexed but happy to note that fwmj showed some love a few days ago. Swigga reached out again recently and offered some background on one of the main reasons why Natural E never blew up.

Ok, 2FACE is comprised of SWIGGA da DON (formerly known as L-Swift) and A-BUTTA, who are formerly of the MEGAgroup NATRUAL ELEMENTS…..Who from the mid to late 90’s had the NYC/Alot of the rest of the world on fire with back to back highly acclaimed releases, freestyles and radio apperances!…and had people wanting, needing and practically begging for a complete Lp, so in 1998 the group signed to TOMMYBOY (and for the record, we dont have any hate for Tommy Boy, cause it taught us ALOT!) in hopes of giving the fans what they needed and wanted…Needless to say, to make a long story short, the deal was going sour to say the least and everything came to a screetching halt when L-Swift wound up in the hospital, after what can’t be called anything less than a bitter inner-fight with his demons leading up to that point in May of 2000 he decided on ending his life, and although he took enough pills to kill a horse, and the doctor told his sister when she got to the hospital “he’s not gonna make it, and if he does he wont beable to walk again!”….though the graces and mercy of God, he woke up after 3days of unconcousness, hooked up to heart monitors etc, and although they were still signed to Tommyboy at the time (and vocally finished with the album, and was about to go into mixxing) he spent 3 and a half months in hospital regaining his moterskills and ofcourse his relationship with GOD became Extremly STRONG..!….During this transition SWIGGA (who was L-Swift then) re-evaluted his career and what he wanted out of it (aka “THE BIG PICTURE”) and that’s when God started to talk to him directly on the direction that he wants him to go including changing his name and the way he does his music, so he’s following his instructions to the T and is going on his 8th mix cd as “SWIGGA da DON” ( since late 2003, and this the the MAIN reason why Natrual E never came to fruition….But Having ALWAYS kept up with his fellow 2FACE groupmember A-BUTTA he felt like right now in the landscape of the music industry (along with constant support from the fans of thier early work as teenagers) and the Economic down turn in AMERICA and the rest of the World, and Bassically living in the biblical last days SWIGGA and A-BUTTA feel like thier what the people NEED, not just New York or the “underground” or any other label Natrual E was “piegonholed” into…..Now it’s all about getting back to the basics and doing GREAT MUSIC, not trying to “bring back NY” or “Ressurect the 90’s”, these are terms that 2FACE donot follow or subscibe to!….As u can clearly hear in their latest release “CHAMPAGNE & CHANDALIERS”…!, with MUCH MORE on the way!…, with production on the way from CHARLEMAGNE, SCRAM JONES etc…So enjoy, as SWIGGA and A-BUTTA take u on a journey as they say in an official statement “We are VERY thankful and apprieciative for the constant love and support from our longtime fans, and to all the NEW and future supporters, Welcome to the experience” ……………….SO, this is to clear up any “misconceptions” regarding the infamous question of “what happened to Natrual E??”, now u know!….hahahahaha!…..//////////////////////////////////////////////// YO, GET AT ME HOMIE!…SWIGGA!