I remember hearing about this years ago and thinking the chances of it actually happening were slim to none. Actually, I kind of figured T La Rock was just projecting. Denzel Washington acting in a movie about his life? Sounded fishy. Well, as it turns out, there might have been more truth to it than I could have possibly imagined. I wish I could find that old interview but I can’t so here’s an excerpt from an interview conducted by frequent DaveyD.com contributor Mark Skillz.

MarkSkillz: Ok yo what’s up with this movie I keep hearing about?

TlaRock: It’s gonna be about my life as far as my contributions to hip hop and about the injury I suffered some years back.

MarkSkillz Do you want to talk about those injuries?

TLaRock In 1994 I suffered an injury it was a serious injury. I received major support from an organization called Community Options. It was big news CNN and the New York Times covered it. The movie I’m making is going to cover that.

MarkSkillz Ok

TlaRock: Antoine Fisher wrote the script.

MarkSkillz Word?

TlaRock: Yeah word up, um there are a few Hollywood heavy hitters in on this project. Like, Bonnie Timmerman. Matty Silva, Sun Minh she directed that movie “The Others” starring Nicole Kidman. It’s gonna be real live man.

MarkSkillz So what is your function in the movie?

TlaRock: What’s my function? It’s my movie! (We both are laughing)

MarkSkillz Naw naw naw I mean what are you doing? Are you playing yourself, are you producing? I mean you got Antoine Fisher writing the script so what are you doing?

TLaRock Oh ok I’m a consultant. I’ll be contributing stuff to the soundtrack too.

Now here is some recent “overheard” news about the movie being produced (via prohiphop).

SEAN Combs isn’t done acting. He was at Nobu 57 last week dining with stage director Jerry Zaks and casting director Bonnie Timmerman, and spies said the trio discussed an upcoming movie about old-school emcee Terry “T La Rock” Keaton. Combs will star as Keaton in the movie – written by Antwone Fisher and directed by Denzel Washington – which follows the life of the Def Jam star through 1994, when Keaton suffered a traumatic brain injury while breaking up a fight in The Bronx. Keaton eventually regained his memory and motor skills.

I actually don’t have strong sentiments against Puffy getting the role since I’ve never seen him act professionaly. I actually heard he didn’t get tore up for his Raisin In The Sun role so that’s a plus but I can’t help but feel a bit stand-offish. I mean, Diddy has this fairly large and recognizable persona (accurate or not), do cats making this film really want that attached to the movie? From the sound of it it seems like it’s supposed to be a serious picture. In any case, if that’s what it takes to get it made, I think I’d be for it. Maybe.

And here’s the NYTimes article: T La Rock and His Posse At a Jewish Nursing Home