I wonder how many times O.C. has been asked that question or derivative thereof? Word up to trying to put out some D.I.T.C merch. Good interview courtesy of philaflava.

PhilaFlava.com: Would you rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect or be rich and have a whole lot of resent?

OC: (Laughs). Let me see, when did I make that statement in ’94. I guess a little bit of both, I’m not gonna lie. It’s a different day. I mean you know, the respect factor is a thing, where money comes into place you got respect, but if you don’t you know some people sell they soul for anything, not me.

PF: How have your goals changed over time in this rap game?

OC: As far as what?
PF: When you came into the game where did you see yourself with it in ten years? Versus nowadays what are your goals for the future?

OC: Ahhhh. Honestly, I have a whole different mindset now. But I don’t think me, you, I don’t think anybody knew it would go this far. I mean I knew it was going, it was going somewhere, but damn this is like the porn business right now. It’s so much money, it’s anarchy in the corporate world, you know it’s anarchy on the streets, like you know you gotta be down with certain crews, and you know… it’s different now. So probably to answer that question my goals is just like to keep hip hop preserved I guess? Just in the sense of making good music.

PF: Do you regret making Bon Appetit?

OC: Hell no.

PF: No?

OC: Nah. I think I laid a blueprint with that record. And you know, I think a lot of people followed suit. I think that… I think Jay, I think Kanye, I think a few people took that album and took it to the next level. Plus they was on the stage, so you know, it was a better platform for them, doing what I did.