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ML: Awhile ago the sample for “Nas Is Like” — people finally found out what it was.

Premo: Yeah, I remember somebody was telling me they found it.

Friend: Dusty Fingers found it.

Premo: Really.

Friend: I know you’re not down with that though–

Premo: I mean, I don’t care if they find it. Don’t put used by me. They could put whatever they want on the record. They could be the original artist, all that. Except don’t put used by me, ‘as sample by…’. Because now it’s like you’re using that to sell the original, where a lot of other people dig for the original instead of having to cheat that way, which is all good because those are just Ultimate Breaks and Beats. It’s just don’t put who sampled it. We already know not everybody’s not in the love portion of hip-hop culture. They’d like to see it go away. So it’s only for the people that love it, so there’s certain things you don’t have to speak on and that’s one of them. I think they stopped now, though. Yeah, I think they stopped. Dusty Fingers don’t put who used it, now it’s just artists and the song.