Here is some background:

Despite NYOIL speaking out against Al Sharpton and the National Action Network and the Decency Initiative’s “March for Decency” in early May of 2007

“….looking at who exactly was organizing this march. And to be honest, it was pitiful. It was a throng of upwards of 300 people who were the most clearly out of touch individuals on the planet. The type of people who go outside and yell at the unruly kids on the block while their son is smoking crack behind the building and their daughter is the neighborhood whore. A group of people more interested in controlling people than understanding them. When are we going to retire these so called Black leaders? These leaders that lead us further into embarrassment. These leaders that are still trying to use outdated and ineffective Civil Rights techniques in this day and age. Who pragmatically clutch to the “old ways ” and old glory refusing to acknowledge much less uplift new leaders and new guards for our and their futures.”

NYOIL was graciously invited to speak to a panel organized by Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. This panel discussion was a symposium on the Hip Hop / Youth Divide and featured such panelist as Kool Herc, Chrissy Peoples, and A Brown (Daughter of James Brown)

In a subsequent written statement about the event NYOIL says the following “I cannot retract what I have said in the past nor would I want to. What I said is in the same tradition and spirit that I believe Al Sharpton and the National Action Network stand for Protest of perceived injustice. However when i speak, sometimes i am speaking from a place of anger and I have learned in my years that Anger is a product of needs not being met. As a Hip Hop representative I have a need not being met. The need for support from the elders and established members of our community to help us promote positive images in Hip Hop .. not just tear us down by focusing on the Corporate whores in this industry that would do anything at the mere idea of getting paid. I am here to fight for my culture and for my people and unlike other artist who’ve spoke out against Al Sharpton with “Diss” records I am not afraid to speak my truth directly to the face of power. I cannot lie, that I wonder why non of these “Outspoken” artist have not stepped to that mans business in the same way. My appearance wasn’t about conflict but about resolution and about bridging the gap between generations. Something that must happen NOW to insure that Hip Hop remains intact for our children’s children. I would like to thank Al Sharpton, Chrissy Peoples and the rest of the Staff at the National Action Network for allowing me the opportunity to speak my piece and represent my culture in my own words. I would also like to thank Wise Intelligent, PRT and Intelligent Kidz for coming through to show support and unity as well as Stacey M of Wildseed Films for filming the event.”

Being solution minded, NYOIL offered some clear direction on how to help fix some of the problems that plague Hip Hop and it’s generational gap. He offered to update his site with 10 artist you should support to give parents a clear indicator as to what artist were safe and or conducive to the goals of the NAN. He also tasked established business persons in the audience to put their money and skill sets where their mouths were. To all of our surprise MANY stepped forward and are now in the process of helping to repair and establish team building initiatives between PEMG (Petroleum Media Group) and the National Action Network.

With the healing process begun there is hopefully more good news to come.