interviews Common (I still like to call him Common Sense) to discuss his Microsoft endorsement and the hip-hop community’s reaction to corporate sponsors. Nothing insightful articulated here, to my disappointment, but I think I need to be real, there is nothing complicated about having to pay bills. Right? I am actually disappointed in myself as I sit here and needlessly wonder, if Common didn’t have to pay bills, would he proactively endorse Microsoft and Bill Gates? Is there a significant bias when one is paid to share an opinion? Link via spine

M&V: So whose attitudes have changed more: rappers or corporations?

Common: I think the rappers’ attitudes changed because the corporations, some of them really had a respect for true artists and they knew what they were talking about and they presented things that made sense for the artist. And also artists realized that we have to make a living too, and if it’s something that’s gonna go well with what I do, then why not do it, ’cause these corporations are making money off it. If I mention something in a rap, they’re making money off it anyway, so why shouldn’t I get a piece of it?