Be grateful. Although these rips have been around the interwebs for years, it’s nice to have them all in one place, labeled and organized. I don’t think these dudes ripped the records themselves but they spent the time to list and upload them so that’s cool. Don’t think it’s a “condoned” comp but doubt that the artists would even care at this point. Link

1. FE001: Godfather Don & Kool Keith, The Cenubites EP
2. FE101: Godfather Don & Kool Keith, The Cenobites LP/CD
3. FE002: The Juggaknots, Clear Blue Skies LP
4. FE003: The Arsonists, “The Session/Halloween”
5. FE31: The Arsonists, “Blaze/Geembo’s Theme/Flashback”
6. FE004: Mr. Live, “Relax Y’self/Supa Dupa/Hunger Strike (feat. Tony Bones)”
7. FE005: Siah & Yeshua DapoED EP
8. FE0052: Siah, “Repetition/Pyrite”
9. FE006: Lord Sear, “Alcoholic Vibes” b/w Stak Chedda, “My Hindu Love”
10. FE007: Cage, “Radiohead/Agent Orange”
11. FE72: Cage, “Mersh/4 Letter Word”
12. FE008: MF DOOM, “Dead Bent/Gas Drawls/Hey!”
13. FE0082: MF DOOM, “Greenbacks/Go With The Flow”
14. FE83: KMD, Black Bastards Ruffs + Rares EP
15. FE84: KMD, “What A Nigga Know/Constipated Monkey/Q3″
16. FE85: MF DOOM, “The M.I.C./Red & Gold”
17. FE86: MF DOOM, Operation: Doomsday 2LP/CD
18. FE87: Subroc/KMD, “It Sounded Like A Roc/Stop Smokin’ That Shit”
19. FE009: Scienz of Life, “Powers of Nine Ether/The Anthem”
20. FE91: Scienz of Life, “Metaphysic/2000 and What to Expect!”
21. FEMF1: MF Grimm, “Do It For The Kids/Bloody Love Letter”
22. FEMF2: MF Grimm, “Landslide Remix/Tick Tick”
23. FEMF3: MF Grimm, “WWIII/Scars & Memories”
24. FETBC: The Boulevard Connection, Sut Min Pik EP
25. FENH1: Da Nuthouse, “A Luv Supreme/Synapsis/Very Vocabulary”
26. FEMHZ1: MHz (MegaHertz), “World Premier/Camu”
27. FEMHZ2: MHz (MegaHertz), “Rocket Science (feat. Jakki Tha Mota Mouth)/Magnetics/Absolutely Posolutely”
28. FEJT1: J-Treds, “Make It Happen/Praise Due”
29. FERO1: Rok One, “Certified Superior/Ninety Degrees A Piece”
30. FECK1: DJ Eli & Shan Boogs (Cloudkickers), “And So Kiddies… (feat. Cage) / Truly Gifted Ones (feat. Yeshua DapoED, J-Treds & Pumpkinhead)”
31. FEJAKK1: Jakki Tha Mota Mouth, “Widespread (feat. Copywrite of MHz)/The Chosen”
32. FEMEG: Megalon, “One In A Million/Peace To The Homeless”
33. FESA1: Cashless Society, “Blazetha Breaks” / Mizchif, “Place For A Wife”
34. FEYAK1: Y@k Ballz, “HomePiss/Nasty or Nice/The Plague/Flossin”