GRANDGOOD friend and affiliate Dave Dub has a new album out titled ‘Somethin’ To A Boss’ which is available at the Hip Hop Co-Op @ Silicon Valley De-Bug in San Jose or direct from Dave Dub himself @ his mysp*ce. This album features select recordings from the last few years including Fall Off, Picture Me Foldin’, Meth Lab, and Stalin & Lenin w/ Jihad of Third Sight. Features production by JtheSarge, Deeskee, Da Hermit, Los Double and others. We’ll be throwing up audio from this album later. Peace to Megabusive and Isolated Wax Recordings.

Dave Dub – Somethin’ To A Boss (Isolated Wax)

2.Weirdo (Produced by Da Hermit)
3.I Work Feat. Severe (Produced by Villa Nova)
4.Super Sav
5.Stalin and Lenin Feat Jihad of Third Sight (Produced by Da Hermit)
6.At The Office (Produced by Deeskee)
7.Pyscho Turf Nut Feat. Grunge and Joe Cutter (Produced by DNAE Beats)
8.Meth Lab
9.Picture Me Foldin’ (Produced by Los Double)
10.Summer Fun (Produced by Deeskee)
11.Fall Off (Produced by Barry Bones)
12.Play Dead (Produced by Deeskee)
13.Young Hustlers Feat. Severe (Produced by J The Sarge)
14.As We Depart
15.God and Satans Truce Feat. Jihad of Third Sight (Produced by Da Hermit)