A seemingly perpetually cash strapped MTA, with the help of marketing machine spokes CBS Outdoors and Horizon Media, have announced a deal with the History Channel that will, for the first time, allow a subway car to be wrapped entirely in vinyl advertising. The ads are for the program Cities Of The Underworld and will supposedly have some kind of subterranean focus. When asked via transponder to describe his reaction to the announcement, TAKI 183 beamed back to earth and had this to say “um, I was told defacing public property was a crime, so I don’t know how this horizon crew expects to get away with that shit”. Other graf artists were equally perplexed, but we’ll hold their comments until the unveiling tomorrow morning.

NYC Set To Unveil First Subway Car Wrapped In Ads

NEW YORK (AP) ― A New York City transit agency says it plans to unveil its first subway car to be fully wrapped in advertising.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials say on Thursday they’ll present a midtown Manhattan shuttle train ensconced in advertising for The History Channel.

Thousands of tourists, commuters and residents see the shuttle, which runs between Grand Central Terminal and Times Square.

The MTA faces a projected deficit next year of nearly $900 million. In recent years it has raised fares for subways, buses and two regional rail lines and tolls for bridges.

It also has begun exploring the possibility of cutting subway, bus and commuter rail service.

An MTA spokesman won’t say how much revenue the new ad will generate.