Not saying I would even want that. I think I’m beginning to realize how difficult it is to recreate certain periods of time, certain moods. But can’t say the thought never crossed my mind.

What up people…i wanna reach out to save some of the folk out there some time….I have quite a few people coming on to my page, as well as “The Arsonists” page, leaving me messages, asking if there will be another “Arsonists” project. Shit! Another Arsonists project sounds really hot….Those brothers are some of the most talented people ive ever come across. We’ve broken bread, fought, cried, laughed, lost members, been through personal wars, made alot of peace, traveled to alot of places, done alot of things, accomplished some incredible things regardless of what some may think, had our own families and, for the most part, somewhat work together at times. I would love to just create another ASF project, tour etc…..but there is alot more at stake here….this is a collection of different personalities with different agendas and so forth. So it can be difficult making everyone happy when making even the most simple decisions. I could sit here and wish that it was just about good music, putting it out for the people and thats it, but it is what it is…..and that is… is’nt all about music at the end of the day. Dudes have to support families, the industry has made it easy for people to think that they are being taken advantage of and what we end up with? finger pointing, he said, she said, judgements, fear etc… ask me, personally if i love my brothers? hell yes….regardless…Have i ever let them down? hell yes, but i live and learn….Will i do another Arsonists record? I would love to, but it does’nt seem like it’s in my forecast right now. My brother’s are doing great thangs right now…and i hope that you would support the solo projects or any other projects that my ASF brothers put out….because w/out the individuals? there would’nt have been a collective in the first place….live, love and learn everyone…Jise/The Arsonists