Video for new single from Mood. They went all out for this one. Shot in four major cities I hope to visit one day, Cincinnati (Ohio), Tijuanna (Mexico), Caracas (Venezuela) and Bogota (Colombia). Like whoa! Second “night” version coming soon. Youtube is cool but to get a better picture you should get the qt version, courtesy of Vital Films.

New video from Mood. Vital Films presents Drugs War & Crime in HD. From the streets of America to the slums of the world, Drugs War and Crime is everywhere. Vital Films ( presents the music video for the new single from Mood. Off the new album “Hall Of Fame”.

This video is part one of a two part release for the song. One video is all day footage and the second one is a all night video. Drugs War & Crime was shot over a few week in four different countries (Cincinnati Ohio, Tijuanna Mexico, Caracas Venezuela and Bogota Colombia). Produced and Shot by Vital Films Inc. (Matt Hobbs and Cael Jones)

A Original Vital Films HD production
Shot by: Matt Hobbs and Cael Jones
Artist: Mood
Locations: Cincinnatti Ohio , Tawana Mexico , Carcas Venezuela, Bogota Colombia
Song: Drugs War & Crime
Album: Hall Of Fame
Label: Wanna Battle
Production Dates: June 2008

Mood – Drugs, War & Crime / audio