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Look the way I see it is a leak can be good and bad . There’s nothing I can do about it but if I ever did get my hands on the scumbag journalist that leaked it that would be another story. A person that is gonna steal the record will regardless but the deal is this I spent nearly $150,000 to make this album and thats on the cheap calling in favors and working out the home studio. Some artists spend much much more trying to create their art. If people continue to STEAL the music it will definitely keep a lot of artists (including myself) from making a living at this and sooner or later all you will have is The Jonas Bros. and Miley Cirus records to listen to ( or whatever other crap Disney or Nickelodeon want to shove down your throat) . So if you hear the record and like it BUY it … tell some friends about it … Come to the shows (not just mine ..any good or indie music you like) without your support and YES your dollars a band can’t stage a tour or properly market an album or record a quality record …. I’m very proud of the record … And stop asking on this board where the leak is … I won’t post the site and would appreciate none of you fans post it here either… at least find it on your own and again if you like it like I think you will COP that shit .With Respect and Appreciation for all the fans of MUSIC …… EV P.S. I just wanted to add that I’m aware the people who frequent this site will buy the album if they are able . I appreciate anyone who takes the time out of their day to leave their input. This was merely something I had to get off my chest.

Everlast – Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash Cover Over “Insane In The Brain”) / video