And if what he says about Yung Berg’s off color remarks in front of young kids at the Rock My Vote event is true, that’s bananas. I haven’t heard anything about that. Check the interview courtesy of the9elements.

T9E: It’s funny that you bring up Hip Hop philanthropy, because recently the apartment building as 1250 Sedgwick Avenue may be in danger because the landlords are going to pay off the mortgage and then do what they want with it do to a legal loophole. That means the birthplace of Hip Hop may become a parking lot or luxury condos or what ever may happen. From my understanding, the building would cost $9 million dollars to buy, and the tenants of the building are trying to get the money together by October so that they can buy it. Why hasn’t enough been done on a Hip Hop level to help save this landmark?

NYOIL: I Mean it goes back to what I said about these rappers. It’s all about empowerment and who we empower. And this is what we have to end up looking at in the end. We gotta say to ourselves, “Who do we place in power? Who we sittin’ up here celebrating? Who are these celebrities that we pit in the position to speak for us? Who have we empowered financially and how is it reflective?” Let me tell you something, a Jewish dude makes a movies, makes money and take care of his people. Us, we out for self.

You empowering dudes cause they represent an archetype that suits your lack of masculinity. That’s what a lot of it be Fam, and I’m pointing out anyone in particular. But, a lot of dudes is dick riding dudes because them dudes seem like the dude they wish they was.