Peace to NYOIL. And if you missed it, here’s the full video of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.

I know that I have been critical of Barack.. and will continue to be a critic of him and anyone else who takes on the charge of public service. However after watching his speech at the DNC.. i was moved to write the following, not so much in honor of his policy or his politics.. but in honor of the thousands upon whos shoulders he and all of us stand on in triumph during such a monumental occasion. We live in a time where history isn’t written anymore …. it’s revised. But tonite we have witness history.. one that we can say we were here to see.

I shed a tear

I watched a man who looked like me become the nominee and I shed a tear
I shed a tear for my ancestors and elders that died before seeing this
that worked thanklessly for this possibility with no proof of probability
I shed tears for my despair driven hatred of the inevitability of failure nurtured in the racist womb of oppressive America
my tears rolled down my face and from a distance looked like the nile river and the Mississippi delta .. like the path of the underground railroad and my eyes were Harriet Tubman
So i am going to lead my mind from the self imposed slavery that plagues me. And lead my conscience towards freedom.
I shed a tear for everyone who should have been here and for ever child to young to understand the sacrifices they stand under
my tears fell like rain.. but my mind was thunder…
and lightning… and in the spirit of freedom I’m enlightened enough to know that we are still fighting
and resolved to hold the bearers of the dream accountable and take personal ownership to safeguard the privilege to cry and wipe my eyes
to speak truth to power
and to confront all lies
i shed a tear… then i shed my fear.. so i could tell my grandchildren.. that I was here.

-NYOIL Aug. 29th 2008