Besides holding it down for countless artists on the world famous Wake Up Show, Dj Revolution has been furthering the art of turntablism through his own records and contributions to a crazy amount of releases. He has always been an advocate of the DJ, providing lots of face time to the discussion of their role and the history of the form. His new album, King Of The Decks, is dropping September 16th. The first leaked single features KRS-One and is a reminder for you all of what a Dj is and what a DJ is not. Props to Noah and Will. Peace to Dj Revolution for taking the time.

Listen: Dj Revolution – The Dj ft. Krs-One

Watch: Dj Revolution – King Of The Decks Episode 1

Bonus: Dj Revolution – Your Dj ft. Styliztik


Someone you look up to, dead or alive

Quincy Jones

Someone you look down on

Steve Aoki

Other than music, what’s worth living for?

Not Being dead is enough motivation for me

You fasted all day, what are you dieing to eat?

A slice of NYC pizza

You’re at a party, what’s your drink?

If it is a house party, water, if it’s a club, the best imported beer I can find

Name a song you can’t stand.

Anything by LiL’ Wayne

You’re going to be deaf by morning, what do you ask to listen to?

Mozart, Bob James, and Public Enemy, It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us Back.

Life after death? Yes/No


How do you hope to be remembered?

As one of the greatest all around Dj’s to ever touch turntables and a person who made a contribution to the culture

How do you hope you are not remembered?

As an asshole

Free verse, anything else on your mind?

Support real music, not the shit you hear on the radio. “KING OF THE DECKS” in stores September 16th

DJ Revolution Talks In Detail About Producing “The DJ” Featuring KRS-One
DJ Revolution – The Dj ft KRS-One / audio