His review peaked my interest. Steinski mentions his disappointment with the coverage of New York/Salsa but also entertains the possibility it was a result of licensing issues rather than lack of perspective. This brings to mind the essential documentary, From Mambo To Hip-Hop, which has yet to see an official release due to distribution logistics and licensing issues. Link

I guess my fear with a documentary on material like this is that there’ll be condescension from the invisible hand of the creators; not that I’m such an expert on Latin music- I’m not – but whether you know anything about a documentary’s subject or not, you can feel the attitude toward the viewer behind the writing and presentation of the voiceover, the timing, the editing choices, etc. Aside from the matted background behind many of Belafonte’s shots – which seemed cheap to me, but which is a minor point, I know – I think on the whole the project rocks