Mixtapes can sometimes take on a life of their own, taking separate compositions and reconstituting them as a completely new form. This is what we have here, courtesy of Dj Rip One. Classic. Peace to Eons One for droppin this gem.

Dj Rip One – Rippin Shit Up / Side A
Dj Rip One – Rippin Shit Up / Side B

Here’s a great example of a 4 track produced, megamix style tape from SoCal’s DJ Rip One. Seamless mixes of mid 90’s gems with tons of layered scratching. Tapes like these were a labor of love, slaved over for months to turn around and sell a dub for $10. $10, man! This is a Porter-House-with-a-baked-potato-and-steamed-broccoli typa mixtape; cooked up by an inspired DJ dedicated to his craft, not some half assed, money minded freestyle promo cd masquerading as an album. This tape used to get serious burn in my truck and a lot of the tracks on this tape would eventually sound strange to me without hearing Rip’s cuts over em. In the late 90’s, I marinated a few years of brain cells with couple pounds of blunt stuffing in honor of this particular cassette. Now it’s your turn.