Chris Lighty sounds confused in his advice to Barack Obama. He suggests that Mr. Obama stepped down to a “lower” level when he and his campaign formally addressed and denounced Ludcaris’ lyrics for his “Obama’s Here” song (see lyrics and Jay Smooth’s commentary on the song here). It seems as though Lighty is referring to a lower social class. Wow. Is he for real? His words – “Don’t lower yourself to speak to rappers!”. Doesn’t he work with, represent and eat off of these rappers? Did he forget that Ludacris met with Obama one on one? How could Obama not comment on the song? Come on. Then, being the ad man that he is, he advises Mr. Obama to direct his advertising budget to BET and MTV’s TRL instead of internationally and historically significant events like the 2008 Olympics. But wait, aren’t the kids that watch these shows the same group of individuals that would comprise Ludacris’ fanbase? Hmmm. How insightful. You know, maybe Lighty should go into politics as a strategy man. Oh, hold on a sec, what the f*ck does signing branding and fake-ass lifestyle contracts have to do with political strategy? Nothing. Free advice reciprocated: stick to what you’re good at. And if you have ambitions to be recognized as a cultural leader or political representative you should think things through a bit more and lose some of that industry perspective. Until then, thank goodness heads like Jay Smooth are here to fill your shoes and are ready to call a spade a spade. Link