He says music is on the backburner for now. Link

With the exception of hip hop culture’s incessant lamentation of anything new (let’s remember that it developed from youth expression), it’s no surprise that as rappers get older, they get cranky. I’m not saying that Complex falls into the grumpy rapper category, but he does tell me that getting older makes one “try to find other ways to make money,” and that the thrill of doing a show has subsided, especially with “bills and [raising] a family.” Combined with the fact that record sales don’t account for the same return as they used to, Complex found himself aligning with Queen Latifa’s camp in the film world. Although he admits that “music is sort of on the backburner,” Complex assures me that has some projects that are finished and awaiting release, one called Swiss Chocolate Cake and another “lost album” that Complex says he wants to “throw out for the people.”

Directing Pharoahe Monch’s video When the Gun Drawers and serving as an assistant director and writer on other projects. He is currently working on a series of low budget, shorter films with the hope of securing funding for bigger future projects. Although it seems that Complex may have turned his back on hip hop, it’s important to remember that we’re in changing times and to be ahead of curve, more and more artists will have to diversify their creativity.

Gun Draws by Pharoahe Monch (video)