Large Professor - Main Source cover

Now that you’ve had enough time to salivate over the three leaked tracks, here’s more info about the album. There are several notable guest MCs rocking on “Main Source” like Killa Sha, Jeru The Damaja, Lil Dap and Big Noyd among others. Should be dope. What’s he holding in his hand by the way? My computer screen is dimly lit so can’t make it out. Peace to onsmash. Link

01. The Entrance
02. Hot: Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing
03. ‘Maica Living’ (Feat. Killah Sha & Guardian Leep)
04. Pump Ya Fist (Feat. Mikey D Lotto)
05. Party Time
06. In The Ghetto
07. Hardcore Hip Hop
08. Frantic Barz
09. Sewin’ Love
10. Ru Dope (Feat. Jeru Tha Damaja)
11. Dap (Feat. Lil Dap)
12. Noyd (Feat. Big Noyd)
13. Classic Emergency
14. Rockin’ Hip Hop
15. Large Pro Says
16. To The Meadows
17. The Hardest (Feat. AZ & Styles P)

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