MC Paul Barman - Full Buck Moon Kaboom: The Mixtape

New mixtape from MC Paul Barman, compiled by Memory Man. Production by the likes of MF Doom, Dan The Automator, Prince Paul and others. Link

1. Howler Intro (Live At The Bowery Poetry Club 2007)
2. Radiation (prod. by Memory Man)
3. Sampling Law (Phofo Mix)
4. Word Vs. Meaning (prod. by Memory Man)
5. Oil (prod. by DOOM)
6. Happy September 11th (prod. by Danny Grapes)
7. Mitch ”Blood” Green Interlude #1
8. Power (Demo Version) (prod. by DOOM)
9. Paullelujah! (Premix) (prod. by DOOM)
10. Make No Mistake (Live on XM Radio 2003)
11. Mitch ”Blood” Green Interlude #2
12. RZAView (Live on WFMU 2008)
13. Unauthorized Audiobiography of Weird Al (prod. by dub-L)
14. Old Fogey vs. Whippersnapper (prod. by Animal Crackers)
15. Tiamat (prod. by Casual-T)
16. Mitch ”Blood” Green Interlude #3
17. Paul Shot Ya (Live at South Paw 2003)
18. Onion Interview (Live at Tribeca 2003)
19. Stand-Hop (Live at Bowery Poetry Club 2007)
20. Mitch ”Blood” Green Interlude #4
21. Home (Prince Paul Remix ft. Natural Calamity)
22. Meet Cleofis Randolph The Patriarch (prod. by Chris Bell)
23. Chemically Imbalanced (prod. by Automator)
24. The Man From Lafonda (Remix) (prod. by The Courts and Cubismo Grafico)
25. Inside Your Mind (ft. Mr. Dead) ( Prince Paul)
26. The Night My Girlfriend Left Me ( Prince Paul)
27. Lonely Piano (prod. by Madlib & DJ Yoda)
28. S.A.L.A.A.M. (prod. by DJ Yoda)
29. Live From Death Row (ft. Busdriver)
30. Mitch ”Blood” Green Interlude #5
31. Don’t Micromanage My Psychodamage (prod. by Phofo)