I used to be mad at them. Now, I see the truth. It’s not about the paper. This is about the art. The music. Hip-Hop bootleggers are not bootleggers at all. They’re not selling this shit. They’re not selectively posting shit, trying to build a fan base so they can sell ads. They’re giving it up for free. For the movement. They waste their f*ckin time just sharing shit. Giving artists shine. Artists, on the other hand, are always worried about losing out on money. Sales this and upfront costs that. Bullshit. Fucking capitalists. They make better music when they’re down and out anyway. So whatever.

[Falls asleep, wakes up 2hrs later]

If indie artists were smart, they would recognize these bootleggers as their primary competitors. They would never send out promos, never press up cds. Stick to vinyl and downloads. The artist has to be first to the online market, or else they give up their strongest leverage.

[Drinks warm cup of legal absinthe]

Ok, ok, fine. I see how bootleggers undermine artists currently. But don’t you see how they are ultimately making them stronger? These freakin’ bootleggers are responsible for bringing down an entire industry! Think about it thunnie, their voracious appetite and altruistic sensibilities have forced the collapse of the music industrial complex. The commodotization of culture is that much weaker because of them. And indie artists are lifting themselves up by the bootstraps, out of necessity. They’ll do it in the end. They’ll figure it out and blaze like the sun. Bootleggers will continue to share, but fans will support the real.

[falls asleep, wakes up next day]

Damn. I was trippin. Fuck bootleggers.

[Inspired by the recent bootleggings of Mood – Doom, Dj Clue – Blizzard ’94, Ed 209 and Imam Thug – Karma 360, Envelope – Shark Bolt. All releases which I own or have ordered recently and which I think everyone should listen to. In other words, I want to share, just like these bootleggers. Deep down inside, I am one. Sort of.]