Single from the new LP by NgaFsh of CVE featuring Riddlore? and Emotionz. v i a

Ngafsh Feat. Riddlore? and Emotionz – Sip Dis

Filet of Soul aka NGAFSH had his start in the innovative artform in 1985 as a dj (DJ Filet). He started rapping in 1987 and shortly after joined in with Chillin Villain Empire. They would go to Venice Beach and anywhere rappers hung out to battle MCs keeping their skills sharp. NGAFSH has been on the LA Underground Hip Hop scene since 1989 by way of the Goodlife Cafe. There is an independent film (documentary) highlighting Fish, CVE and many Goodlife MCs that is winning numerous awards at film festivals across the country this year(2008). The title is “”This Is The Life”” and is the inspiring story of how these MCs from South Central, Los Angeles have honed in their talent to create a historic Open Mic spot that has changed their lives forever. It helps tell the story of this producer, dj, MC who, in spite of having no record deal, continues to consistently come with HEAT for the ride and the stage show! He currently has a new Solo CD out entitled, “”Unstable Does It Again! (the party cd”” where NGAFSH introduces several new producers to the Hip Hop scene at large with songs you just don’t want to turn off. Sip Dis is the first single and can be heard on his myspace ( There is also a crazy, no budget, rap video for another song on the album, “”Boss OF Da Ghetto”” that you can find on his page and Listen to the music and you will see