Part 2 of the Unkut interview with Dr. Butcher. Big up Junction and Corona Ave! I just had really good skirt steak sandwich from El Gauchito the other day.

What can you tell me about Queens?

KRS-One used to say a lotta slick little wording in his songs about Queens and G Rap would always approach him about it and say stuff right back at him, but for some reason KRS would never answer G Rap. He always avoided him. Even in ‘My Philosophy’ he said something about, ‘The DJ behind me’ or something, and G Rap thought he was talking about him and Polo. So he went and approached him and he denied it. KRS was like, ‘No, no, I wasn’t talking about you’. G Rap wanted to battle him so bad. He just wanted to go at KRS-One so bad but KRS wouldn’t bite! He wouldn’t touch him, because he knew that G was the new young dude that was not to be touched. He had that fire, and a lotta people avoided him for a long time, they just wouldn’t touch him.

Dr. Butcher Remembers Kool G Rap Didn’t Want To Rhyme Over A Garbage Neptunes Beat, And Other Fun Stuff