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sometimes i find myself reading interviews i’ve done and think “wow i really came off like a cool, smart and honest guy in that there interview! i’m the best!”then i read the comments (if the interview is online) or the letters in the next months issue (if in a mag) and realize that about 50% of the people who read that there interview thought i came off like an arrogant, flippant prick. the first 1000 times i told myself that my particular style of cunning and insightful dry wit which is combined with a zesty dose self mockery and then splashed with a hair of good old fashioned fuck you all swagger simply just didn’t always translate as well as i would like to the written word. then i realized something. it doesn’t translate that well to life, either. and its made me realize that there is always a chance for a man to search deeply in to his heart and… god dammit lady shut your fucking baby up already im trying to blog here! what was i saying?