New interview with the intelligent, politically active mc, NYOIL. I will not get tired of posting his discussions. Conducted by sports enthusiast, Mike Tillery.

MT: Interesting. Since we are on that vibe, and this is probably a hard question to ask, but everyone is fragmented out there. We have (one both sides ladies–this is not an indictment on you. No hate mail please) independent women out there who don’t want to lean on a man. We all need to lean on each other. There’s times when I need to lean on a woman. What can we do? How do we make that connection what it used to be?

NYOIL: What I think we need to do…well I can tell you what I can do. I need to be able to show family. When I do shows, my family is there. It trips people out. They are like, “Oh snap! We are seeing a Black family!”

I just want to give a good example and it shows I’m enjoying my life. My life is happy and things are good.

If brothas see this…if I can show…

Look, the best thing we can do for our people is to be successful man. That’s why what you said earlier was so important about committing yourself to building this positive coalition. Building a positive image for us to gain. If we can succeed as a collective. If NYOIL becomes the main de jour. If I become successful enough that you are seeing me on television. My hair is cut nice and I have a nice outfit on. You know, the brotha’s doing alright.

And I’m doing the right thing.

That caveat has to be met–that I’m doing the right thing. I’m involved…just say..if you want to see NYOIL, come out to this community outreach program. So if you want to hang out with me, I’ll be there, because that’s what I got to do.

If we start to create that movement man, things will change instantly. It’s not going to be years…I mean instantly.


Everybody wants to be where it’s at. If we can make what’s good, what’s good, then everything gonna be good. If the only thing that is good, not good, then that’s where everybody gonna be at.

Remember the time that if you didn’t smoke weed you were going to be awfully lonely?