Immortal Technique In-Store @ Record Shack Harlem / Wednesday, July 9th

In-Store Appearance in NYC:

– This week coming up Wednesday July 9th I will be appearing live at the Record Shack
on 125th street on the South side of the Street near the corner of Fredrick Douglas Blvd. This record shop is very special it is one of the bastions of support in the fight against gentrification in New York City and ESPECIALLY in Harlem.

7/9/2008 – NYC
125th Street (off the Corner of Fredrick Douglas Blvd.)
2PM – 4PM

The brother who runs the whole place is a good friend of mine and if you speak to him you will discover that he is Sikhulu Shange who is featured on track 4 “Harlem Renaissance” on the new project speaking about gentrification. Come through and support a real Harlem institution. Buy the mixtape/album!!! and join us for refreshments and conversation along with an opportunity to buy “The 3rd World” from a store that is fighting for our community to remain economically in our control instead of selling out to those that seek to make our neighborhood better just to move us out of it.