N.Y.OIL - Soldier ft. Chuck D

Previously: N.Y.OIL – Soldier feat. Chuck D (of Public Enemy)

About 2 months ago Chuck D front man of the Legendary Public Enemy appeared on Hot 97’s morning show and when asked who are some of the artist he was listening to .. who were some of the artist holding up the tradition he cited NYOIL as one of a very short list. That immediately sent shockwaves throughout the industry as it validated the hard work that my Team and I have been working on for these last 2 years. My Manager YZ (another legendary official MC “Tower of Power”, “I’m Thinking of a master plan” and SOO much more to his credit) reached out to Chuck to see if doing a song on the re-release of the album would be possible. BabyGrande had agreed to release the original album but requested some new songs to make this a new product for the consumer.. so we were under the gun in terms of time and resources. Chuck agreed immediately and went so far as to shift his schedule around to accomidate doing the song immediately to help us meet our deadline.

The song opens with the Voice of Bruno Gaston who is the international Editor for the Redding News Review This was done as a throwback to the great Harry Allen the original Hip Hop media Assasin. Knowing both men they share a fondness for hip hop and also a love for journalism that matches my love for musical prose. It is also another in a long list of efforts by NYOIL to pull “NEW” media and legitimate black media back into the same space as Hip Hop. If eMCee’s are the Hoods CNN then we can be infinitely more effective if we access the editorial skill and presence of true journalists, As always I enjoy solid partnerships with New media in the form of Blogs and podcast; partnering with Bruno on this and other projects in the works was just a natural event. You can see more of our work together at http://nyoil1.ning.com

The Track is produced by none other than Religion a PEMG (Petroleum Empire Music Group) offical producer. He is also responsible for producing “Don’t get it Twisted”, “La la la laa” and “Boombyeyay” on the upcoming HoodTREASON album.

This song speaks to the fact that as a country we have been at war for some time without considering or even being able to recognize who the real enemy is. Currently we have young men and women fighting and dying on foriegn soil for a war that has yet to be adequately justified. A war which appears to be solely for Oil intrest (and I don’t mean NYOIL) and the benifit of Defense contractors and private militia. They are not adequately protected paid or provided for after thier injurys send them home. They fight for us with unwavering loyalty and courage while on the very shores they swear to protect A police state looms with certainty. The human, civil and constitutional rights of the neation are sacrificed under the knife of fear monger tactics and political posturing. While our soldier are out there fighting and dying someone is over here lying and they people are dying and there are no soldiers to protect us.

This song speaks to the street soldier, who is so misguided thinking his gang or crew is a family. Not seeing himself as the a part of the larger family not seeing himself as a resident of the world. So he wars with himself and people that look exactly like him.. people who struggle the same way he does. That at the end of the day.. his fight benefits the police.. who allow the killing and drug dealing to flourish in our neighborhoods unchecked in so much that the proper people are paid. That his fight benefits the politicians and thier Realestate masters who live by the axiom that if people are dying start buying. They know that when the neighborhoods fall to decay and crime the property value decreases and makes for excellent opportunities to regentrify the neighborhood. Why just this week I performed at a a rally for Harlem residence against regentrification. I also had the honor of hosting BBC’s “World have your say” radio program last year on that very issue at the world famous “Sylvias” restaurant. This program won a Radio award for content. that not withstanding the “hood” is dying and the soldiers of this hood are off fighting the wrong war.

When Chuck D goes in he speaks to the issues as a General recognizing the soldiers of old KRS, YZ, X-CLAN and Brand Nubians.. while taking time to recognize the soldiers of this day and age Immortal Technique, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and NYOIL. It is a historic moment where in essence Chuck D passes the mission on to the new soldiers to take up the work he and so many others have begun and continue to do.

Finally it speaks to the tragic end to some of the Black Panther party. I won’t elaborate on that because I feel that part of the musical experience I am trying to give to the people is to inspire you to want to research what i am talking about and expand and grow from my music. It is important that ART inspire growth.

I am an entertainer by trade but an Artist and Activist by nature.. so I hope you are inspired after hearing this song and reading this short essay to think about the subjects presented and how they impact you.

It’s not about being RIGHT.. it is about moving people and motivating people to action.