Bobby Corridor - Hip Hop Megamix

Bobby Corridor describes his mix as “not chronological, not definitive, just is.” I would say it’s a must-have, thorough representation of classic material mixed and blended professionally. Bobby’s above average familiarity with the genre comes across clean. OG fans and newcomers alike will enjoy. Very nice that he concentrates on beats instead of lyrics, I can throw this on with the fam and not get any remarks about obscenities. Great introductory mix to hip-hop production for my son when he gets older. I for one will not be growing out of it Bobby, especially because I look forward to helping baby G grow into it. Good lookin’ on this one.

Bobby Corridor – Hip Hop Megamix

Just finished this hip hop megamix, 600+ tracks and 90 minutes long

Done partly to have my say in the hip hop megamix arena and prove that they can flow, partly to pay homage to the music I grew up with and partly to make sense of something and maybe, just maybe move on (“he’ll grow out of it”).

I could work on it for daddy long time but need to bid it farewell and release it into the world

*wipes tear*